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Welcome to the Wiki for the Freenode #mysql IRC channel.

This is a fresh new start for our wiki, using the very nice MediaWiki software (as used by WikiPedia ( There will be plenty of actual content to come, however in the meantime feel free to create it yourself. It is my intention that this wiki becomes second only to the MySQL Reference Manual ( itself for useful content. We need tutorials, examples (SQL, PHP, C, Python, etc.), advice and perhaps even sample schemas.

Do please help make this a wonderful resource for the entire MySQL community.

Protected Pages

We used to have a serious problem with spam and rather a lot pages had to be protected as a stop gap. A few of those pages may still be protected. If you want to edit a protected page then put a request on either the talk page or here and someone will probably lift the protection a lot quicker.

Account Creation

New account creation was disabled due to the spamming problem. For that reason, if you want to edit #mysql then please send an email to hashmysqla monkey, replacing monkey by '@'. Include you desired user name and we will send you an email with the new password, hopefully, quickly. Alternatively if you hang out a lot on #mysql you may well be able to ask one of the sysops there to do it.


Official MySQL Links

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Installing MySQL

MySQL Troubleshooting


Developing for a MySQL Database

What not to do


User Contributed Scripts

Applications using MySQL